autobiography of a poor student

Topics: Family, Sibling, Mother Pages: 5 (2119 words) Published: December 29, 2013
Who I am : I saw the light on this earth on --- then my name was given ----- and my father gave my name ---------- it was a village in the district of 24pgs, far away from Kolkata, a full green rustic smell can be smelt there even now this has become a model village however I was brought up there played in the field all day long went to school on foot and enjoyed life there full. I belong to family, my parents my five elder brothers and three sisters. Everybody they loved me cared me and I too was their little ---------. My father ran our family with his small income as a private clerk. I never thought of eating anything homemade, I was specially my dear to my elder sister who always looked after me I was given every opportunity to receive their love affection and care. I became little grown up and I was accompanied by my dear elder sister. We were hand to mouth in this financial scarcity and our survival was hard. My primary and preparatory education : As I was brought up in a big family so everybody whenever they got time they taught me good things of life. At first I was admitted to a centre in our village at that time it was in vogue to send child to center what is now nursery today when I learnt to recognize my alphabets. Having spent their two years I as a little kid was admitted to a primary school at our village then there was no transport, no facility like this today, so I had to be accompanied by my elders to go to school. I was a good learner at that time teachers had loved me and I learnt many things. however I passed classes ii iii and iv at that time I stood second in my class that made me disappointed I always asked myself why I don’t get first because from my house they always insisted me on being first though to be second in the class made them much happy because it seemed to them that I was better in study My admission to high school : The most nervous phase of my life I have ever spent when I got admitted to class v at---------, remembered that I along with other boys from different schools and different villages there , everything was unfamiliar to me , more over to see teachers was a night mare . There in the final exam of class v, I got in to acute competition I became fourth in the final exam of class v to six and a deep sorrow engulfed me, it was like I was getting down. Same was the result at class VI to vii but turn came when I became first at my class vii final exam. This left a significant mark in my mind, I was overjoyed though the joy never lasted for long in the sense for the coming three or four years. My years of struggle : My struggle as a student of class ix continued. My father took retirement from private job and he had no provision of pension, meager interest he received from bank saving would be used to run our family. My all three elder brothers were unemployed, two of them would do tuition of some 10 or more boys but at that time earning from such activity was not good enough. My mother was worried about what would happen. I had two sisters unmarried when I was at class two my elder sister was married and at my class ix my second elder sister was married. All the savings my father had were spent however all the hardship I had to take up. luckily we had some land and my younger elder brother toiled those land and would cultivate paddy rice which was our whole year food. He could not join school because of this burden. My other elder brother helped little to our family and father hardly could do any work because of his old age so at that time our family sole depended on little agricultural work. Situation became worse when my brother who voluntarily took up the job of agriculture moved some where to search for his luck. I would see then my father teaching some students to support our family .in the mean time my two elder brothers got married and before this, my first elder brother made the most of my father’s reputation and procured a job in private...
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