Auto Theft Imformative Speech

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Angelica Moreno
Oral Com. 120

Specific purpose: the purpose of this speech it to inform the audience about car theft, what to do if it ever happens to them and how to prevent it from happening to them. Central idea:
I. Attention getter: I remember the mixed feelings I got when I walked out of the mall into the parking lot after a good shopping session and not seeing my car parked where I had parked it. I was in denial at first I wasn’t accepting that my car wasn’t there I kept telling myself that I was mistaken and I walked into the wrong part of the parking lot, after a few minutes of looking around I seen the parking lot sign that I had parked next to and that’s when it hit me, my car had just been stolen. II. Thesis: knowing what to do when getting your car stolen is just as important as knowing how to prevent getting it stolen. III. Fairhearing:

IV. Preview: First I will inform you about the rates in the cities of California that involve car theft. Then I will explain some precautions you can take to help prevent this from happening to you. Finally I will inform you on the steps you should take if this horrible situation shall happen to you. Transition: If this ever happened to you would you know what to do, would you know how to prevent it?

I. First main point: California happens to be the number one state in which cars get stolen, according to statistics from the California highway patrol a. The top 10 metro areas for auto theft are on the West Coast. b. Fresno, Modesto, Bakersfeild being the top three

II. Second main point: auto theft prevention
c. Take your keys: Make sure to take your keys with you every time you leave your vehicle, and do not keep a spare set of keys in your car. d. Lock Your Doors: Doors should be locked and windows rolled up to serve as your first defense against thieves. e. Hide Your Personal Property: Don't leave valuables in plain view by placing them...
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