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Just to share with you some of the thoughts that i have on the subject above. This is a series of subjects about self-leadership, i.e. to lead themselves. A flat mirror gives you the look of who and what you are. But to help ourselves "feel" better, we dress up and act confidently in front of the mirror. This in turn is a recipe for disaster when the reality gradually sets in. Fakegoods manufactured in China.
Integrity/Authenticity is to be what you are, i.e. be real or dont fake yourself. Quite often people try to be someone they are not, in situation such as job interview! Most likely than not many would just say responded positively for any questions that are posed, yet not able to react the same when the job is given. This could help people to relate to the concept of authenticity. That is because people have forgotten about what is inside, not outside that counts. Dont judge a book by its cover. Dressing up like a ultraman doesnt make us an ultraman! Having a big muscle or beautiful face doesnt help us to get through the life without worries and problems! One vocation stands out in terms of speculation around integrity/authenticity subject is pastors. Quite often people project a perfect human being on pastors, yet the reality is that pastors themselves who are made of flesh just like anyone else is subjected to all kinds of roller-coaster in life. Be it financial, family, relationship, marriage and etc. I can think of one game for now, which is replay a video record of guests on the spot! This could help them to know their own expression when they look back at the video! And they are pretend to be a superhero! Or celebrity! Few videos i found on youtube which maybe useful,

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Action Plan:c
1) identify your true self by looking into the mirror;
James 1: 23 Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his...
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