Australian Aboriginal History Notes

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Australia, Black people Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Key Terms
- Assimilation - The policy of trying to make people change their culture or way of life and adapt to a new culture.
- Feminist - Someone who supports womans rights
- Native Title - Recognition in the law that Aboriginals had ownership of the land
- Protectionism - A policy the government introduced to "protect the aboriginies from themselves".
- Reconciliation - To put aside a difference and come together as friends
- Terra nullius - 'The land belongs to no one'

The Policy of Protectionism
- Start of 19th century
- No right to vote and no right to receive basic wage
○ Stolen Generation - Mixed blood children where taken away from their families to be raised with new names and in a new culture (european).
- Many Aboriginals were removed from their traditional lands and placed in reservations or missions.
- White people believed that these missions were providing support for Aboriginal people.
- Believed that by removing mixed blood children they could eventually die out and have a perfect white Australia

Policy of assimilation
- By the 1930's it became clear that Aboriginal people were not dying out.
- Mixed blood increasing
- It was talked about since the 1930's but was not enforced until the 1950's due to WW2
- It was the idea that Aboriginal people should now be absorbed into mainstream white Australian culture or be removed from missions or reserves to become more like Australians.
- The Native Welfare Conference defined assimilation as everyone having the same rights, customs, beleifs and privileges no matter if they were white or black.
- However white Australians were not accepting of this policy. Black people where still discriminated and not given the same rights. They found it hard to get jobs, were recisted into shops, entertainment venus and public places. They were also denied housing and health assistance.

- Aboriginals were placed in special housing areas or were facilities were poor....
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