Attitudes and Human Values

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Business ethics Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Attitude can shape your life

Attitudes are thoughts that you have accepted as true and that lead you to think, feel, or act positively or negatively toward a person, idea, or event. They represent an emotional readiness to behave in a particular manner. You are not born with these thoughts—you learn them. It is not something that someone is born with, but is formed through the years depending on various factors such as, the environment, people around, and ones individuality.

Ones attitude helps in determining how he/she reacts to a given situation - dealing with it in a positive manner or retorting in negative. Thereby it can said that behavior of any individual is a product of ones attitude, making him/her a person with the right values. This is usually imparted to an individual right from when they comprehend any given situation, by the parents, teachers and other influential authoritative figures.

Values are what define an individual, as each one of us lives our lives as per the values that are most important to us. We, as human beings are evolving all through our lives by constantly prioritizing and developing on our values.

It is often noticed that those who conduct their day to day activities with positive energy are found to be most satisfied with achieving their professional and personal goals. However those functioning with negative energy built around them are found to be the most unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives.

In an age of information and technology, customer service plays a key role in the success of any company. According to recent studies, it is found that empathy is essential to any field of work as it helps in developing a relationship with the customers in the long run. Therefore placing oneself in the other persons shoes helps in making a wise decision, thereby making the customers happy.

The process through which people are integrated into a society by exposure to the actions and opinions of others is called...
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