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Atomic Theory-Study Sheet-Updated 9/15

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How to use this study guide-Print the page and fold between questions and answers OR cover the answer column. Ask yourself the questions and see if you can correctly answer. Use it until you can answer ALL questions quickly with 100% accuracy. Do a little every day, and you will be ready for the next test!

History of Atomic Theory (9/13)


DaltonFirst scientist to propose a model of the atom

AtomSmallest unit of matter

ElementSubstance made of multiple identical atoms

Dalton’s incorrect theoryThe atom is indivisible

ThomsonPlum pudding model for the atom

ElectronsParticles suggested by Thomson

RutherfordGold foil experiment

ProtonsParticles suggested by Rutherford

NucleusWhere Rutherford suggested protons are found

BohrTheorized that electrons move in set orbits around the nucleus

ChadwickDiscovered neutrons

Structure of the Atom (9/14)

Electrons, protons, & neutronsThe three sub-atomic particles are…

ProtonSub-atomic particle found in the nucleus; + charge

ElectronSub-atomic particle that orbits the nucleus; - charge

NeutronSub-atomic particle found in the nucleus; no charge

ProtonsEvery element has a distinct number of …

Atomic numberThis is based on the number of protons in an element

The number of ProtonsThe atomic number of an element is determined by…

Protons + NeutronsThe atomic mass of an element is equal to its…

1 AMU or gWhat is the mass of a proton?

Negligible (too small to count)What is the mass of an electron?

1 AMU or gWhat is the mass of a neutron?

Increasing atomic numberElements on the periodic table are arranged in order of …

# of electrons = # of protonsWhat is the relationship between protons and...
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