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At and Culture Greece

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* Socrates
* C. 469 – Born in Athens
432 – member of the Athenian Army when it besieged Potidaea( in Macedonia) 431 – Peloponnesian War Began (Athens v.
424 – Delium; Fought as a hopligte with the Athenian Army in battle of Delium ( Athens lost) 407- Plato becomes his student
406- Battle of Arginusae – a sea battle.
404 Pelpoponnesian War Ended ( Athens surrendered to Sparta) 404/403- Socrates and o
Socrates; “Apology” : A Defense
An “Apology”: not a confession of guilt or request for pardon. Socrates says: “ You may be sure that if you put me to death- a man of the sort I said was just now- you wont harm me more then you harm yourself.” (Apology, 30c6) What does this mean

Silly Things you need to know about Greece
EU and IMF Funding Deadline
Eurovision song contest – 43 countries involved all across Europe. Each country votes to put their best act forward to this contest. Last years winner: Azerbaycan Riverdance was and intermission program during this when it was hosted in Dublin. This is how it became and international phymonal Zorba the Greek – Youtube it- black and white video.

Greek architecture

The quiz will have a picture: then underneath we will have boxes

* The column is the key to understanding Greek Architecture * Doric: Bigger/massive things; lines are carved in and they are called fluting- helps with water when it rains to drain the water off the column. The Capital is simple. There is no foot. They tend to bow out slightly. On the outside * Ionic – Thiner- more of a femin. Has both a The Capital had scrolls on it. * Corinthian – From Corinth. Has both a foot and a Capital. The Capital has like flowers on the top. They are very elaborate. * Capital is on top of the column: and Foot is at the bottom

The Acropolius
C. 432 BCE Greece – approximate the date
Means “High spot in Greece”
Has Doric Columns on the outside and has the Ionic on the inside...

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