Assignment on Business Communication

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  • Published : July 10, 2012
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Task -1
1. What are the principles underlying clear business writing? 2. How can you make meeting more effective in organization? Suggest five measures that can be adopted to ensure concrete results. 3. Write an explanatory note on ‘negotiation skills’.

4. Write a note on e-mail etiquette.
5. What are the characteristics of a good report?
6. How can we make our proposals attractive?
7. What are group discussions? Discuss the dos and don’ts of group discussions. 8. ‘Listening is an art and like any other art, it has to be cultivated consciously.’ Discuss. 9. ‘A curriculum vitae is a marketing tool for the self’, explain. Discuss the dos and don’ts while preparing a CV. 10. If you wish to convey a negative message to your business customer, which approach would you choose and why?

Task -2
1. ‘Understanding the difference between our cultural values and those of the West will help us communicate better with westerners,’ do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer. 2. Are all listeners motivated by the same things? How can you tell? 3. As you prepare a business presentation for your company’s executive management committee, how will you know whether you need visual aids? 4. In the course of second interview you are sure you are about to be offered a job; however, you are concerned about several aspects of employment with that firm, including day care for your two year-old son and health insurance. Should you mention those concerns in your interview? How should you deal with them? 5. Is it permissible for you to lie during business negotiations? Are you obligated to tell your opponent exactly how you feel about each proposal as it is put on the table? 6. How can written material communicate non-verbally? What kind of noise can occur? 7. How can you tell the difference between someone who is actively listening and who is listening politely? 8. Explain why are the act of copying material from a speaker during an overhead projector presentation is not...
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