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7.Explain the difference between search, experience and credence qualities giving suitable examples. Discuss their implications for services marketers. SEARCH
 -is the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of; In  the  marketing  concept,  we  conduct  consumer  research   -to  determine  consumer needs /  wants.

-then  to  try  to  satisfy  the  consumer  with  a  product  or  service. -then create   a  sense  of  satisfaction  for  the  consumers. ------------------------------------------------------------ EXPERIENCE

-  means go or live through;
- have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations; - the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities; Experience as a general concept comprises knowledge of or skill in or observation of some thing or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event. The word experience aligns it closely with the concept of experiment. Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill: a lesson taught by experience; a carpenter with experience in roof repair.


Dimensions of Service Quality:
There   are  various aspects that a customer expects from different services.

1. Reliability: This refers to the ability of the company to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. Reliability is probably the single most important dimension of quality. Customers expect that companies will do what they say and they will do when they say they will do it.

2. Tangibles: This refers to the appearance of the physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials. As services are intangible, the tangibles give an impression to the customers about the quality of service they can expect from a firm. A bank in a shabby building will make the customer wonder whether their money will be safe in such a bank.

3. Responsiveness: This refers to the willingness of the employees to help customers and provide prompt service. When you go to a bank the minimum that you expect is that the employees would attend to you rather than chit-chat amongst themselves.

4. Assurance: This factor is linked to several minor factors such as competence, courtesy, credibility and security. Competence depends on the service provider's possession of the required skills and knowledge to perform the service. The politeness, respect, consideration, and friendliness of the service providers can be bundled into the term courtesy. Credibility refers to the perceived trustworthiness, believability, and honesty of the service provider. Security refers to the fact that the service should be free from danger, risk, and doubt. In sum, the assurance factor refers to the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence.

5. Empathy: Empathy refers to the caring, individualized attention the firm provides to its customers. It includes access, communication and understanding. Access refers to the approachability and ease with which the customer can contact the firm. Communication refers to keeping the customer informed in the language they can understand and listening to them. Understanding has to do with the efforts made by the service provider to know customers and their needs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDENCE

-MEANS    ''trust; belief; confidence; faith''.

-the mental attitude that something is believable and should be accepted as true; "he gave credence to the gossip"; "acceptance of Newtonian ... credenza:

Acceptance of a belief or claim as true, especially on the basis of evidence; Credential or supporting material for a person or claim;

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