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What are the three dimensions of business problems? Provide examples of each. *
* The three dimensions of business problems are people, organization, and technology. A key component to the any business is the people who work within it. Having well trained employees who do the job needed in a timely manner is always a challenge to provide. Companies may even have to go through several employees before finding one that fits. Organization within a company can be a huge challenge in some cases. Making sure policies stay up to date and also making sure employees are aware of any changes can be a big job. In my opinion, technology is one of the biggest hurdles for some companies. A company can get the latest and greatest software for a specific job, but within the span of a year that software may become out dated, and even hardware for employee computers becoming out dated. Since technology is rapidly evolving it is hard to stay ahead of the curve.

What is the difference between IT and information systems? Describe some functions of information systems.

Information technology is material things whereas information systems are people, ideas, and policies. Information technology includes computer hardware, software, data management technology, networking, and telecommunications technology and much more. Information systems can use information technology to gather, store, and distribute their information throughout a company. Information systems can then use this information to help make decisions or create new policies for a business that will benefit them. An example of an information system is a job that I used to work at. I would pull information from various programs to calculate shipping costs and the price of the product the customer would be purchasing. Over time, we would adjust our product cost according to supply and demand. We would pull old invoices and calculate how much of each product we sold, and then we would raise...
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