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Post Graduate Modular Scheme

Module PGBM15

Marketing Management

University of Sunderland



Welcome to the Sunderland Business School

The Marketing Management Module is intended to give you an understanding of the role of marketing within an organisation and to recognise the range of decisions that have to be taken by marketers in relation to ensuring that organisations remain sensitive to market needs. The module workshops will place much emphasis on current marketing developments and assessing the impact of such developments. Attention will be given to ensuring that you have an awareness of particular concepts, theories and principles, and that you are able to apply this material to marketing issues and problems that will arise from your workshop activities. The workshops will utilise formal input, case studies, journal and newspaper articles, and group discussions. The directed reading you will undertake will provide you firstly with a framework within which you can understand the appropriateness and validity of the workshop activities, and secondly with an explanation of the particular concepts and principles and an insight into the business context in which marketers operate.

Module Leader --------- Charles Moss


Workshop 1: Perspectives on Marketing and Its Role in a Changing World



Marketing has become widely synonymous with the ways in which organisations attract their customers and persuade them to buy products and services. The discipline of marketing is both broader and more meaningful than this. It is a business philosophy that regards customer satisfaction as the key to successful trading and advocates the use of management practices that help identify and respond to customer needs. You will be introduced to a range of definitions, views and perspectives on marketing and be able to interpret the range of different organisational situations in which marketing is applied. It is important to identify the key characteristics of marketing-led organisations.

Workshop Activity

How do we recognise a marketing orientated company – what are the key characteristics of such a company. What marketing operations are performed by a police force, a primary school, a car dealership, and a private art gallery.

Directed Reading: ‘Principles and Practice of Marketing’ by David Jobber. Published by McGraw Hill. Chapter 1 Sixth Edition. Supplementary Reading: ‘Marketing Management’ by P. Kotler and K.L. Keller. Published by Prentice Hall Chapter 1 13th Edition


Workshop 2: Marketing Challenges in the 21st Century


With the world well into the first decade of the twenty first century , dramatic changes are occuring in the world of marketing. Businessmen and politicians are referring to a new economy within which firms have to think afresh about their marketing objectives and practices. The rapid pace of change means that the firm’s ability to change will become a competitive advantage. You will be able to analyse the key marketing challenges facing marketers in this opening decade of the century, and to assess how organisations have to become faster, more flexible, and more innovative in forging new partnerships with customers and suppliers.

Workshop Activity

What are the key challenges facing marketers in the next 5 years with reference to a large manufacturing company...
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