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This assignment will allow you to demonstrate an understanding of wireless networks including the available equipment, access mechanisms, security issues, and problems relating to signal strength. You will plan the phased implementation of a wireless network on a college campus including the estimated costs of installing the network. The Scenario

A college has decided to build a wireless network for the use of students and staff. This college is based on a single campus of approximately rectangular shape which is 2km by 1km. There are 15 different buildings on the campus ranging in height from 2 storeys to 10 storeys. Each building belongs to one of the college departments, namely: 1. College Administration

2. College Facilities
3. Learning Resource Centre
4. Computing Department
5. Engineering Department
6. Science Department
7. Mathematics Department
8. Modern Languages Department
9. Oriental Studies Department
10. Geography Department
11. History Department
12. Art Department
13. Health Department
14. Social Sciences Department
15. Sports Department
The campus is split into four zones with each having a number of buildings close together. The Administration zone comprises buildings 1-3, the Technology zone buildings 4-7, Art & Environment zone buildings 8-12 and Health & Wellbeing zone buildings 13-15. The aim is to cover the whole campus with a wireless network providing the same facilities as their current network, namely; e-mail, Internet, intranet, storage space and access to a range of applications depending upon user permissions. There will be access for both staff and students of the college. The wireless network needs to manage the permissions of the users based upon their role in the college. As part of the programme to roll out the wireless network it is planned that this will be achieved in stages where new zones of the campus will be added to the wireless network in each stage. Your role is to write a report...
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