Assignment 104: Select Resources

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  • Published: October 5, 2014
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Assignment 104: Select Resources
Every curriculum area prioritises a range of resources. They need to provide in the most efficient way both the success of the learning and teaching. Using the appropriate set of resources that could be easily upgraded and updated saves time and money. At Eastleigh College I am teaching an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based course in WEB Design and Construction. Therefore the range of the resources I am using varies from the standard facilities and recourses typical for the ICT Curriculum to specially produced by me resources for this particular course in form of a Website and linked topic guides and handouts. Part 1: Review of the range of facilities and resources

Classroom Facilities Review
Good for
Not so comfortable for
U shaped layout with 16 PCs all networking and with Internet access

Very practical layout that allows the teacher to see all the monitors while the students are working. There is need to ask the students to turn to 90/180 degrees to face the white board or the teacher.

Students at the back row need to turn around each time when there is demonstration or just when the teacher is speaking. Not comfortable for taking notes.

Pc for the teacher, connected to projector
Allows flexible approach and on-line demonstrations.
There is still need for the teacher to use the mouse.
White board / Interactive if with stylus.
Allows big display and provides excellent visibility.
It is flexible for all PC applications and On-line demonstrations. To write directly, need to use another one .
Second classroom folding white board
Useful for writing notes.
Just behind the teacher’s desk not so accessible
B/W laser Printer – networking.
Useful for printing.
Doesn’t allow printing in colours.
Air conditioning unit
Keeps suitable temperature in the room.
Fresh air is better for the attention of the students in long sessions.

The above set up it is very comfortable for...
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