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Stage 4 (Postgraduate)

(20 credits)


Module Tutor Contact Details| 3|
| |
Prerequisites| 3|
| |
Course Material| 3|
| |
Context| 4|
| |
Learning Outcomes| 5|
| |
Weekly Outline| 6|
| |
Teaching and Learning Strategy| 6|
| |
Assessment 2 (Group Report & Presentation) Guidelines| 7| | |
Managing Your Studies – Learning Tips| 10|
| |
Important Deadlines/Dates| 10|
| |
General Assessment Regulations| 11|
| |
Accounting and Finance Front Sheet - Template| 13|
| |
Assessment criteria/Tutor Feedback Form| 14|
| |
Framework Assessment Grades – Grade Criteria| 15|

FINM012 Strategic Auditing


Sessions 1 -7 (30/01 – 13/03)
Mr Richard Kenyon, BSc, ACA
Work phone:01604 892795
Sessions 8 – 14 (20/03 – 08/05)
Ms Rasha Kassem, BSc in Accounting, Master in Auditing
Work phone: 01604 893326 – Extension 3326
Address:University of Northampton
Park Campus
Boughton Green Road
Office C124

Your tutors can be contacted throughout the working week from 9.00 to 17.00 hours, preferably by email in the first instance. A formal booking can be made through Cottesbrooke reception

Marshall, 2002


Essential course material:

Introductory read: (an old article by Graham Cosserat for the ACCA – gives the basis of modern auditing strategy)

* BPP Learning Media. (2012). ACCA P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance (United Kingdom). London, BPP Learning Media Ltd.

N.B. This book will be available as an e-book through the library. As the regulations and standards change frequently the only way to be up to date is to use one of the accounting bodies’ examination materials. All the books will be a little bit out of date due to the slower process of coming to print for books as opposed to exam manuals.

Recommended course and background reading

* Millichamp, A. H. and Taylor, J. R. Solomon, J. (2012) Auditing 10th ed. Andover UK: Cengage Learning EMEA

* Gray, I and Manson, S (2011) The Audit Process 5th ed. Andover UK: Cengage Learning EMEA

* Jones, M (2012) Creative Accounting, Fraud and International Accounting Scandals Chichester: Wiley & Sons

Additional main learning resources:

* Reading quality newspapers (FT) is a good way of developing an understanding of the latest developments (and scandals) in auditing. * Studying from academic articles will keep you up-to date with the current issues and challenges in the audit profession * Financial Reporting Council (FRC) website – the FRC is the UK regulator of audit and accounting. They have a great deal of responsibility which has in effect been taken away from the professional bodies. * Check NILE to know more useful websites


This module offers deep learning of the aims, objectives and methods of auditors and their contribution to the attainment of the 'True and Fair View' of all published accounts.

It is an essential part of a course designed to ensure an ability to contribute to policy and strategy development at a high level.

The aims of this module are to:

* Develop students understanding, appreciation of and ability to choose and apply, appropriate investigative techniques for a variety of simple and non-simple situations in an accounting environment....
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