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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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ARTIST STATEMENT: What do you make, how do you make it, and why do you make? Ultimately, where do you visualize your creative abilities and academic study to take you after your education here at Parsons? Only up to 500 words, please.

The art I create is a personal interpretation of what I see. I use a variety of mediums to express my vision. I start by finding something I like to draw, tweaking it slightly or just drawing out of form to see the end result. Sometimes I find inspiration from admiring other artists’ work in the category I have chosen. I combine the artists’ ideas with my own and watch them transform. Drawing brings me joy. When I'm drawing I’m focused; nothing else enters my mind. The details of my art come to life before my eyes as I zone out and only see: the pencil, paper and image. I classify myself as a sketch artist. Although Anime is one of my favorite forms of art, my strength is in sketching inanimate objects. The drawings I have in this category are spherical and cubical objects. In this category I draw best in the paper and charcoal medium. I wasn’t always able to draw as well as I do now and there was a time I was not drawing at all. Then I watched a very talented friend of mine drawing, and his enthusiasm inspired me to get into Fine Arts. I am confident in my talent and becoming educated in new techniques will help to improve my skills. Occasionally, I’ll attempt a new art form. Recently I have gotten really interested in photography. I’m enjoying it, but it’s a new skill that I hope to develop. After attempting both digital and traditional photography, I enjoy digital photography more. The combination of technology and a creative device brings more life into a traditional art form. It’s exciting to experiment with the various camera settings and the editing process in order to achieve my desired results. I’m excited for the opportunity to complete Parson’s highly regarded Fine Arts program, one which will sharpen my...
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