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Topics: Competition, Good, Awareness Pages: 3 (381 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Issues/ Hypothesis
1. There is very low awareness amongst customers about UPVC products 2. Even those customers who are aware of UPVC products still prefer to use traditional products and are reluctant to switch. 3. There is low awareness of Fenesta’s brand, products and services amongst customers. 4. There are many close competitors of Fenesta in market who offers comparable/better products 5. Customers do not consider Fenesta brand as better than the competition.

1. Are you aware about UPVC products used in building windows and door? * Yes
* No

2. Do you believe that UPVC products are superior than traditional products which use wooden, iron, aluminium material? * Yes
* No
* Cannot say anything

3. In spite of superior benefits offered by UPVC products, would you still prefer to use traditional products? * Yes
* No

4. Are you aware of Fenesta brand?
* Yes
* No

5. Do you have complete information of the product and services offered by Fenesta? * Yes
* No

6. Have you used any product or service offered by Fenesta in past? * Yes
* No

7. If you have not used any Fenesta’ product in past, do you intend to use it in near future? * Yes
* No

8. If you have used Fenesta’s product/ services in past, how would you describe your experience? * Better than expected
* As per expectations
* Less than expected
* Poor
* Not Applicable

9. If you have used Fenesta’s product/ services in past, what prompted you to use the Fenesta’s product? * Recommendation by a Construction Expert
* Recommendation by friend/ relative/ colleague
* Own study/ research
* Brand awareness
* Not Applicable

10. If required, would you prefer using Fenesta’s product/ services in future? * Yes
* No
11. Would you recommend Fenesta’s product to others?
* Yes
* No

12. According to you who are the top three competitors of...
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