Article Review: Do Helicopter Moms Do More Harm Than Good?

Topics: Mother, Childhood, Parent Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: May 22, 2012

The article from the internet Do ’Helicopter Moms’ Do More Harm Than Good? written in 2005, is about a woman called Robyn Lewis, who is doing the fulltime mother job for her two boys in the age of 21 and 18. Robyn Lewis tells how she is taking care of her big boys. She talks to them on the phone all the time and when she doesn’t do that, she organizes their lives. She is actually still washing their clothes, checking their grades, proofreading their papers, checking their bank account balances, checking their student e-mails and so on. The sons are okay with it, they know that it is for their sake she does it, but a consulting on parenting relations, says that she is not helping her children and that she needs to let go. Robyn Lewis says that she is trying and she knows she will not always be the most important person in their lives, but it still difficult to let go of her boys.

In the article Do ’Helicopter Moms’ Do More Harm Than Good?, written in 2005, Helen Johnson, consultant on parental relations and author of the book Don’t Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money, says that what the over-parenting parents thinks are the best for their child, often is exactly what isn’t good for their child. They are simply serving their life on a silver dish and then the children do not learn about independence and therefore is going to get a tough time later on. She says that the children are incapable, because the parents actually brand them as incapable.

In the article A Mother Steps Back from the Pull of Over-Parenting, written in 2010, Bethany Young Hardy, the writer of the article, were one of those mothers who had a hard time letting go, but she did. She toke her son to a Baby Yoga class and then a tumbling class, which was chaotic, and then she decided to take him to another kind of class. When that didn’t work out either, she tried another class. When she couldn’t control him at a class, she tried another one. She pulled him through 6 different...
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