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Topics: Abhishek Bachchan, Advertising, Aditya Birla Group Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Honey Bunny Goes Viral
Ananya Harish
First MBA Section-A

Idea Cellular has cut a wide arc from ‘What an Idea sirji!’ to “You are my pumpkin pumpkin, hello honey bunny”. This jingle is on every ones lips and has become quite famous just like the earlier ‘Sirji’ campaign became a big success. On December 1st, Adithya Birla Group Company launched its new ad campaign – ‘Idea Rings All India’ – after having a high intensity teaser for three days. It attained high publicity much earlier than expected as some started humming it and many others used the honey bunny as their Facebook and e-mail status. The ‘Honey Bunny’ on company’s website page created a record of one million views in the first nine days of its launch. The YouTube page has received 1.9 lakh views, while the Facebook page has been successful in attaining more than 2000 likes. The reason for Idea’s ‘Honey Bunny’ campaign becoming so popular in such a short time can be attributed to the Butler English used in the song which is funny and catchy at the same time. The jingle succeeded in identifying with the people very easily.

Music is something which is universal, something which blends with every culture. It’s a hummable, likeable song, and that was exactly the thought behind creating the jingle. Idea’s brief was to roll out a campaign on its strong network and they tried to do it in their own way. If the phone rings that means there is a network, and the campaign is about network and connectivity. Ideas this ad aims on connecting and attracting the youth through music.

The marketing media of ‘Idea Rings, All India’ involves radio, TV, cinema theatres and outdoors. But print is one medium missing from the campaign. Print was excluded as it would be difficult to bring out the message through print advertisement. Ideas Honey bunny campaign has huge potential as this provides an opportunity for idea to get new subscribers of other network providers. The ad came at an apt time as none of the...
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