Article Critique: Ny Times Article Called Lawns Into Garden

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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This critique is going to be about the NY Times article called Lawns into Gardens. In this critique I will talk about what the article is about and what they did in persuading others to follow their ideas. The article talked about how people should switch their yard into a garden.

Some features they point out are that it uses land as a resource, is good for the environment, and that gardens are good. When someone decides they are going to have a garden they end up eating healthier less processed food. The healthier the food the more weight they will lose. When someone has a garden that person will eat at home more often and save money. Bittman (2013, para.9) said, “Converting 10 percent of our Nation’s lawns to vegetable gardens could meet about a third of our fresh vegetable needs at current consumption rates.” This states that if America decides to have gardens instead of lawns we will never have a shortage of food for anyone.

Some of the bad things possible for this theory would be that the cities wouldn’t be too happy about the looks of their city. Another aspect is if a lot of people start doing this, then the grocery store will go out of business. If a person decides to fully rely on their garden and one season they have a drought or flood, then they won’t know what to do. There was also a situation where Bittman (2013) said, “In 2011, for example, a Michigan woman was threatened with three months in jail for refusing to remove a vegetable garden from her front yard.”

There are a few things that I think he could do a little bit better as far as a persuasive article. I believe that he pushed it on me just a little bit too much. I also don’t think that he didn’t do a very good job at citing the sources. I also believe that when he wrote this he didn’t think of all the repercussions of what would happen if this actually took place. Other than those few things I believe he did a really good job at telling the readers how to be more green and smart about...
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