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Ch 1 - The nature of art

Cathedra - Barnett Newman, 1951, Oil on canvas

art forms - An activity or a piece of artistic work that can be regarded as a medium of artistic expression. Music, dance, theater, literature, and the visual arts.

visual arts - drawing, painting, sculpture, film, architecture and design

work of art - The visual expression of an idea or experience formed with skill through the use of a medium.

medium, media - A particular material along with its accompanying technique; a specific type of artistic technique or means of expression determined by the use of particular materials.

mixed media - art made with a combination of different materials

the arts - music, dance, theater, literature and visual arts

Wheel of Time - Tibetan sand Mandala, 1997

collage - Technique of pasting cut-out or found elements into the space of the canvas.

mandala - "Sacred circle": Buddhist diagram of the cosmos; sand painting; represents the impermanence of life

The tree of Jesse - west facade, 1150

reasons for art - Day to Day, worship and ritual, personal expression, social causes, visual delight,

art - the expression of application of creative skill and imagination

Romare Bearden - African American artist, used collages to show expression, intrest of jazz and communication

Dwelling - Yong Soon Min, 1994, Mixed Media

Rocket to the Moon - Romare Bearden, 1971, Collage on board

Heartland - Miriam Schapiro, 1985, Fabric and Acrylic

Utilitarian - art that improves quality or surroundings

Rembrandt - painted numerous self portraits

Entertainment - arts function in middle ages

Ch 2 - Awareness, Creativity, and Communication

visualize - to use imagination and visual memory to preview events or plans before they occur

Weston - used a time exposure of over two hours for his photograph of Pepper #30

beauty - often based on culturally accepted standards

content & form - what we interpret; what we see

Rodia - Italian tile setter who built the Watts Towers out of cast off materials

Ugliness - Leonardo da Vinci's variation of beauty as seen in his drawing Man Tricked by Gypsies

Georgia O'Keeffe - American modern artists, know for paintings of flowers influenced by Japanese artists

perception - To become aware through the senses, particularly through sight or hearing.

aesthetics - The study and philosophy of the quality and nature of sensory responses related to, but not limited by, the concept of beauty. Within the art context: The philosophy of art focusing on questions regarding what are is, how it is evaluated, the concept of beauty, and the relationship between the idea of beauty and the concept of art.

creativity - Ability to see (or to be aware) and to respond.

subject - Objects depicted in representational art.

form - In the broadest sense, the total physical characteristics of an object, event, or situation.

folk art - Art of people who have had no formal, academic training, but whose works are part of an established tradition of style and craftsmanship.

representational - Art in which it is the artist's intention to present again or represent a particular subject; especially pertaining to realistic portrayal of subject matter.

content - Meaning or message contained and communicated by a work of art, including its emotional, intellectual, symbolic, thematic, and narrative connotations.

Tukutuku - Tukutuku panels are a traditional Māori art form. They are decorative wall panels that were once part of the traditional wall construction used inside meeting houses. (nonrepresentational art from New Zealand)

trompe l'oeil - French for "fool the eye." A two-dimensional representation that is so naturalistic that it looks actual or real (or three-dimensional).

abstract - Art that departs significantly from natural appearances. Forms are modified or changed to varying degrees in order to emphasize certain qualities or...
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