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Topics: Meaning of life, Painting, Art Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: March 6, 2013
VA Art Museums
Painting: Jimmie O’ Donnell
Artist: Robert Henri
Museum: Tuabman
Date: 1924
Medium: Oil on canvas
In this painting, I can clearly see a little boy sitting down. The boy is staring right at the painter, Robert Henri. The boy has a brown hat on, and a suit like appearance with a blazer, and a nice dress shirt. The boy seems to be worried at something. The background is a dark blue, indicating to me, something scary, and there are no forms of light.

The art element that is the most important would be value. I say value because the clothes the boy has on are very dark, the background is dark. Maybe the artist is painting the boy in the dark value to show something frightening, or scary might happen. The art principle that is most important is emphasis. I say this because the artist clearly wants the boy to be the main focus in the painting, since he is the biggest item, he is positioned in the center, and he is Caucasian with the dark background. The meaning of this artwork is to show, by some clothing, that a little boy can look like an adult, but the boy thinks it’s frightening. I say this because the boy has on clothes that an adult man would wear, the blazer, the hat, the dress shirt. I say he doesn’t like dressing up like an adult because the boy looks scared. His facial expressions, the way he’s positioned, and the dark background says he’s scared. Almost as if he is scared to grow up into an adult.

In my opinion, the artist, Robert Henri, did successfully make his point. I believe the artist did an excellent job in portraying the boy as an adult, and successfully portray the fear made by the boy about growing up. I really couldn’t paint a better picture to show how a little boy can look like an adult and be scared to grow up. The blazer, and shirt did an amazing job portraying the artists motive, and so did the dark, gloomy background.
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