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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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1. According to Oxfam, little has been written about the wars in Afghanistan T 2.According to Mills, Freedom is the ability to choose between the given alternatives F 3.One measure of powerlessness is the degree to which one’s choices are limited by necessity T 4.Social roles are individually acted and socially determined T 5.Sociological competence does require meeting ethical research F 6.According to Johnson, one characteristic feature of militarism is the clear division of labor between elected officials and military professionals F 6.Mills argues that individuals are usually able to connect patterns of their lives with world history F 7. The organizers wife, Tony Caid Bambara said rural communities develop best when they send their assets to outside investors F 8. Resistance to socio-political power is a relatively recent historical development F 9. According to Johnson, the foreign military bases of two cold war superpowers, the U.S and the Soviet Union became the characteristic institutions of a new form of imperialism T 10. The purpose of the 1996 reform act was to eliminate welfare benefits T 11. Parenti argues obedience to authority is only achieved by coercion or when A is able to get B to do something T 12. According to Feffer we live in a time of unending conflict and nations spend according on arms and weapons T 13.Social Structure refers to the organized pattern of relationship and social institutions T


1. “Man can be turned into a robot by studying coercion and control, but can he be made to become a cheerful robot?”- Mills, Sociological Imagination 2. “The period of the fall of the berlin wall and the first 9/11 attacks, from 89 to 2002 there was a revolution in America’s relation with the rest of the world”-Johnson Empire of Sorrows 3. “The guards had total control of the prison and with the exception of 416, they had control of all of the prisoners.”- Stanford Prison Experiments 4. “Maybe all those army...
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