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Topics: Cave painting, Neolithic, Painting Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: February 28, 2013
6th image continuation..
. Bison, “Floating bison” because there is no * “ground line” Location Altamira, spain.

7th Image
: “pech- Merle, cave” , “Spotted horses” , * Location of many cave paintings is mainly in France. Used flat stones as palates, brushed from reeds and twigs. *nearly all horses and man are painted on concave surfaces. *Bison and cattle are always painted on convex (going out). *Bison, horses, and bulls, were most frequently shown.

8th Image
“hall of the bulls”, Lascaux, France. * best known Paleolithic cave painting. Silhouette of animals are found here., biggest bull was outlined. * twisted perspective, there is a profile head with frontal horns.It is not an optical approach, it is a descriptive approach.

Image: “chauvet cave” document,”” IN the Realm of forgotten dreams”” point is that these paintings are in the optical approach , but I comes far ealier than the other twisted perspective cave paintings.

Image: Lascaux,France,, first image of narrative art, first tiem man makes an appearance

Neolithic Art
**Neolithic era, human settles in fix adobes, domesticated plants and animals, including dog. Stone age man has moved from being hunter, to a herder/ farmer. Man moves to towns people. Now its food Production , there was agriculture and stock raising. All this occurred in the ancient near east* most advanced.

Image : Mesopotamia =very first civilization, it is a region. Located in modern day Iraq, very plentiful. Started agi, meat works, pottery, and recording with tokens, farming. Became almost total agriculture economy. Pic looking at a town. “stone tower” in Jericho, *First permanent stone fortification. *Marks the beginning of monumental architecture. Around this was a community.

Image: “Ain Ghazal” in Jordan human figure. Found in Neolithic settlement, Plaster, painted and inlaid with bitumen(paint) had orange and black hair, clothing and tattoes, * the start of monumental sculpture. Called a statuette ....
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