Are You a Unitarist, a Pluralist or a Radical/ Marxist?

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Are you a unitarist, a pluralist or a radical/ Marxist?

As you read the Balnave chapter, you may have become aware of your own, sometimes implicit, views about employment relations and you may have been identifying mainly with one particular frame of reference. This sort of self-awareness of our own particular ideological position is an important part of coming to terms with the frames of reference. The following activity is designed to develop your self-awareness of your own position in relation to the three perspectives on employment relations.

|Statement |Agree or disagree and why? |Is statement unitarist, pluralist or | | | |radical/ Marxist and why? | |Without a union, employees don’t have a real | | | |voice in the workplace and tend to be | | | |exploited | | | |Industrial strife, in one form or another, is| | | |inevitable | | | |Most employers are fair and reasonable in | | | |their dealings with workers, so workers don’t| | | |really need a union to look after them | | | |Profit is theft. Big business lives off the | | | |honest sweat and toil of the workers. |...
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