Apush Supplemental Reading Notes- Early Settlements by James Horn

Topics: United States, Thirteen Colonies, Virginia Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Early Settlements

by James Horn

|Please answer each question thoroughly and completely. If you have treated this assignment lightly, you will | |be at a disadvantage in writing essays that call for “substantial and appropriate outside information.” Read Early Settlements | |(http://www.gilderlehrman.org/history-by-era/early-settlements/essays/early-settlements ) by James Horn and complete the prompts below. |

|In two or three well thought out sentences, summarize the major point of this reading. (Please be thorough. This will be very important to| |you late in the year when reviewing for the AP test) | |___________________________________________________________________In this reading, the author wrote about the early English settlers of | |the New World. He opens with a quote from a passage from the 16th century that speaks about the colonies in the new world, and how England| |should get involved and start to colonize as well. The author then goes into detail on the establishing of the 13 colonies of England in | |the New World and later on, the lifestyle in terms of immigrants, diversity, and population. The article ends talking about the expansion | |from the original 13 colonies to what would make Britain known as “the acknowledged master of North America”. | |In a couple of sentences, what was the bias of the author? From what perspective does the author write--political, social, and economic? | |Why is this significant in the document you have read? | |___________________________________________________________________While most essays and articles seem to have some form of bias, I do not| |pick up in any way a sense of this at any time in the reading. He conveys his...
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