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Chapter 26 The Great West and the Agricultural Revolution
1.    In post-Civil War America, Indians surrendered their lands only when they received solemn promises from the government that they would be left alone and provided with supplies on the remaining land. -------------------------------------------------

2.    In the warfare that raged between the Indians and the American military after the Civil War, the there was often great cruelty and massacres on both sides. -------------------------------------------------

3.    The Indians battled whites to avenge savage massacres of Indians by whites, punish whites for breaking treaties, defend their lands against white invaders, and preserve their nomadic way of life against forced settlement. -------------------------------------------------

4.    Match each Indian chief below with his tribe.
Chief Joseph- Nez Perce
Sitting Bull-Sioux
Geronimo- Apache
5.    As a result of the complete defeat of Captain William Fetterman’s command in 1866 the government abandoned the Bozeman Trail and guaranteed the Sioux their lands. -------------------------------------------------

6.    The Plains Indians were finally forced to surrender by the coming of the railroads and the virtual extermination of the buffalo. -------------------------------------------------
7.    The Nez Perce Indians of Idaho were goaded into war when the federal government attempted to put them on a reservation. -------------------------------------------------
8.    The buffalo were nearly exterminated through wholesale butchery by whites. -------------------------------------------------
9.    A Century of Dishonor (1881), which chronicled the dismal history of Indian-white relations, was authored by Helen Hunt Jackson. -------------------------------------------------
10. The nineteenth century humanitarians who advocated “kind” treatment of the Indians had no more respect for traditional Indian culture than those who sought to exterminate them. -------------------------------------------------

11. To assimilate Indians into American society, the Dawes Act dissolve many tribes as legal entities, wiped out tribal ownership of land, promise Indians U.S. citizenship in twenty-five years, and tried to make rugged individualists of the Indians. -------------------------------------------------

12. The United States government’s outlawing of the Indian Sun (Ghost) Dance in 1890 resulted in the Battle of Wounded Knee. -------------------------------------------------
13. The Dawes Severalty Act was designed to promote Indian assimilation. -------------------------------------------------
14. Know the following in order: Dawes Severalty Act is passed; Oklahoma land rush takes place; Indians are granted full citizenship; Congress restores the tribal basis of Indian life -------------------------------------------------

15. The enormous mineral wealth taken from the mining frontier of the West helped to finance the Civil War. -------------------------------------------------
16. The mining frontier played a vital role in attracting the first substantial white population to the West. -------------------------------------------------
17. The bitter conflict between whites and Indians intensified as the mining frontier expanded. -------------------------------------------------
18. The wild frontier towns where the three major cattle trails from Texas ended were Abilene, Kansas; Ogallala, Nebraska; and Cheyenne, Wyoming -------------------------------------------------
19. One problem with the Homestead Act was that 160 acres were inadequate for productive farming on the rain scarce Great...
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