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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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Chapter #2 Review Questions
Transplantations and Borderlands

Briefly identify the meaning and significance of the following terms:

Anne HutchinsonJames OglethorpeNavigation ActsTheocracy AntinomianismJohn SmithPequot WarVirginia House of Burgesses Bacon’s RebellionJohn WinthropPlymouth PlantationWilliam Bradford Dominion of New EnglandKing Philip’s WarPowhatanWilliam Penn George & Cecilius CalvertMassachusetts Bay CompanyQuakers

Glorious RevolutionMayflower CompactQuitrent
HeadrightMetacometRoger Williams
Jacob Leisler Middle GroundSir William Berkeley

A. Match each of the following people with the appropriate description:

1. _____ Captain John Smith 6. _____ Peter Stuyvesant
2. _____ Sir Thomas Smith 7. _____ Richard Nicolls
3. _____ John Rolfe 8. _____ John, Lord Berkeley
4. _____ Sir Edwin Sandys 9. _____ Sir George Carteret
5. _____ John Harvey10. _____ William Penn

A. investor who ousted the original leader of the Virginia Company and instituted colonial reforms B. governor of Virginia who was sent back to England by the colonists and warned that he would be shot if he ever returned to Virginia

C. adventurer who instituted military discipline and perhaps saved the Virginia colony D. governor who took over rule of Virginia in 1610
E. wealthy London merchant and original leader of the Virginia Company F. Virginia settler who married Pocahontas and experimented with growing tobacco in the colony

A. proprietor of New Jersey who sold his claim to a group of Quakers B. naval officer who was significant in New York and New Jersey's colonial history C. Quaker who viewed his colony as a "Holy Experiment"

D. English spokesman for the Quaker idea of the "Inner Light" E. director-general of New Amsterdam
F. proprietor of New Jersey who worked in East Jersey to make a profit

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