Apush Ch. 15 Notes

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Thomas Paine- Deism
science not bible
deny christ
believe in a supreme being who created universe and gave humans morals

Unitarianism-New England
No trinity 
goodness of human nature
free will.. salvation through good works
^^^^Christians do not take kindly and want to "Take back their faith"

Liberalism-1800- spawns The Second Great Awakening -1800.
widens lines between classes and regions.
women play big part

Peter Cartwright- a preacher-converts thousands to Christianity.

Charles Grandison Finney- one of the greatest revivalist preachers. The east isn't touched by these new church denominations

slavery tears people apart

Joseph Smith forms the Church of JC of Latter-day Saints(Mormons) in 1830. leads them to illinois gets killed 1844
Brigham Young bring to utah.

Public education 1825-1850
bad teachers
tax supported
Horace mann
wants better system

First State-supported uni::::: south-1795
"Uni of Virginia"- founded by: Thomas Jefferson

Womens schools- Emma Willard-1820

1828- American Peace Society- William Ladd

A new problem with drinking
----> The American Temperance Society-1826
persuades people to stop drinking

Maine Law of 1851
No liquor in maine!

Liquor is banned 1918

early 1800's women revolt!
avoid marriage
cant vote
cant retain property once married
market economy separates women and men

Feminists meet at Seneca falls 1848
work on Dec. of Indep. that includes women.

Robert Owen-1825
society to seek human betterment
all utopias fail

Practical, not science
laughing gas, anesthetics

1820-1850- Greek Revival architecture

Dixie- Battle hymn-1859

Washington Irving-
receives international recog. as writer

James Finimore Cooper
First novelist to gain world fame

reject knowledge through senses
it really comes from:

Ralph Waldo Emerson
urges people to...
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