Applied Management Assessment Project Proposal

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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AMAM636 Applied Management Assessment One|
Project proposal for researching and solving problems for Never Green ltd.| |
Lecturer: Graeme Martin |

Executive Summary
This problem solving proposal was requested by Alo Parker, general manager of Never Green ltd. It is a proposal to solve and investigates factors which causes the dramatic drop of profit levels during the past two years. It was requested on the 27st of February, and is to be submitted by the 9th of March with methods to solve the problem. Never Green ltd is recently suffering from a great profit decline, as well as internal matters such as the attrition, complaint and lack of motivation of the employees. The problems of the company is explained in this proposal, and various problem solving models, research methods and objectives are evaluated.

Statement of problem
Never Green, a rapidly growing New Zealand company which manufactures gardening and farming chemicals, has been suffering a dramatic drop of profits for the past two years. Which brings the rise of difficulty to obtain further loans from the bank. The attrition rate had climbed resulting the drop of motivation of the employees. A number of employees had recently complained about inefficiencies and the lack of organisation in the company. These factors should be investigated closely and thoroughly. Most decisions regarding the company were made by the only two directors, which causes a backlog of decisions waiting to be made. Decisions weren’t always made in time when one or both directors were absent. These problems relate to the lack of motivation of staffs, the questionable organisational structure of the company, which are important aspects of a business, and should be solved carefully. Description

Never Green ltd. Was founded by its current directors, Alo and Mary. It was a local business in Auckland started by manufacturing weed-killing products. Marketing and product development...
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