Apple Pie

Topics: Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Capitalism Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The Candle maker’s petition
The candle maker’s petition is an interesting piece. This is a written letter to the French parliament in 1845. It is from a French businessman who is in the artificial light business (candles, oil lamps, etc.). The man says that if the French government is to keep French industry in France then French parliament must end all natural lighting. They propose this by saying and defending the fact that French government needs to block out the sun! The idea behind all this is that if the French government wants to ban the trade with other countries for fear of aiding enemy countries and keep wealth in France then it would make sense for them to block out the sun.

Chapter 2
J.-B Say was called the French Adam Smith. The question classical economists tried to answer was; how are the goods and services, and the productive factors, valued in a growing economy to satisfy consumer wants. Malthus challenges Smiths idea with an essay he wrote about how the world’s resources can’t keep up with our demand. Ricardo focuses on distribution, not growth.

Chapter 3

Karl Marx was a Scottish Economist who would shape the entire world. He coined the term communism and was against capitalism. He believed that it was right to put everything in a common and distribute it equally among the people in a community. Marx was a philosopher, political scientist, literary critic and sociologist. Marx called and was heavily influenced on his christen faith. Marx was deeply troubled and wrote many literary works that expressed this demonic and dark side. In the 1850’s there was rumor of Marx covering up an illegitimate son as well as his works starting to collect monetary value. In 1867, Marz wrote Das Buch, which explained all his views of communism, and capitalism, which changed the course of history.
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