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Q: 3.1 A. Determine two available strategic options for Apple to maintain and rebuild its reputation. Ans: Apple is the third largest Mobil Company in the world. Apple launched its iPhone in 2007. Company gained its success after launching iPhone. IPhone became one of the best smart phone in the Mobil market. Every time, when company launch any its product, people are curious to know what they are going to launch. Customers are expecting something new every time. Apple launch its iPhone 5 on 12 september, 2012 . it was the latest version of iPhone 5. Everyone was expecting something new at this time. This was the sixth version of iPhone, and the user interface still looks almost exactly like the original iPhone in 2007. No one can expect this from one of most innovative company in the world. Apple need to rebuild its reputation. Following I am going to explain strategies that apple can adopt to rebuild and maintain its reputation. To explain this concept, I am going to explain Ansoff Matrix strategy. Ansoff matrix is a business strategy used by businesses when considering new opportunities for sales growth. Variables in matrix:

Two variables in strategic marketing decision.
- the market in which firm was going to operate.
-the product intended for sale.
In terms of market , companies have two options.
-remain in existing market.
-enter in new market.
Strategic option:
-Selling existing product.
-enter into new market.
Existing new existing market penetration product development

market extension diversification


Above I made Ansoff matrix, according to this matrix marketer can sell his products in existing market or in totally new market. On the behalf of this matrix, we will discuss in detail, how Apple Inc. can rebuild and maintain its reputation. I will explain two ways in existing as well as new market for sale growth. Product development( sell new product in existing market)

Product development is selling new products in existing market. Apple has strong reputation in the market. If Apple launch any product related to communication, this will increase market share of Apple. Apple need to target new segment. Apple need to launch new Mobil phone in low price segment. It is also very important for Apple to come up with something new idea to compete with Samsung. Product development is very important for Apple now. Apple Iphone’s series will not work for more time. Samsung is coming with new technology. It will be hard for Apple, may be in the future to compete with Samsung. Diversification:( sell new products in new market)

Diversification is a corporate strategy to increase sales volume from new products and new markets. Diversification can be expanding into a new segment of an industry that the business is already in, or investing in a promising business outside of the scope of the existing business. It is very important for Apple to do diversification. Apple Inc. need to enter into new market like Samsung. Apple’s iPhone is become older concept now. Apple need to launch something different and unique to maintain their reputation. Apple launch its iPhone 5 in August 2012. Apple’s next move is now to launch any new product in this year. It should be unique and little new in the market. Q: Provide three advantages and three disadvantages of each in terms of the organisation priorities and feasibilities. Ans: Product development: It is not to easy to implement product development strategy into the market. This strategy is less risky as compared to other strategies. Following I will discuss I detail about the advantages and disadvantages of product development. Advantages:

1. New to the market/ fresh opportunities: Apple has good reputation in the market. This company...
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