Apostrophe to Helen

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Apostrophe to Helen

Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus shows the tragic doom of a budding scholar, who was highly efficient in all the field of studies and also a young aspirant, who had the immense potentiality to rise high above all other existing academicians of all times. It is fair to say that Faustus represents the quintessential Renaissance man - it is his thirst for knowledge that drives him into his pact with Mephostophiles. Faustus had that unquenchable thirst for knowledge and in his attempt at rising to inauspicious heights barters his soul to devil. The play is a carrier graph showing the steady degeneration of Faustus after the submission of soul to the devil. In return the devil promises him twenty four years of life & access to limitless knowledge. Though previously he had planned many a great things to achieve, if he gains proficiency in magic and necromancy, he rollicks himself and makes merry with the arrival of new powers. From cheating a carter and a Horse-courser to Faustus moves to ask for a consummation with Helena. It is evident that Faustus frustrated with the spiritual loss of his soul and dissatisfied with the trifling pleasures offered by Mephostophiles looks for a better satisfaction and a worthy consolation in the physical union with Helen. This marks the descent of Faustus from the intellectual seeking pleasures of the mind, to the hedonist seeking more sensual pleasures Helen appears twice in the play. At first, she appeared at the scholar’s request. The appearance of Helen not only represents the fall from high minded intellectualism, but also the seduction of the classical, pagan, world. Faustus' desire to return to the ancient world is represented by not only Helen, the most beautiful woman that the ancient world produced, but also by the presence of the scholars. Classical Greece is supposed to be a time of great thinkers, plays and writers, so Faustus desires to go to this time. Helen's arrival is attended by the scholars,...
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