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Topics: Project management, Management, Earned value management Pages: 14 (3228 words) Published: December 19, 2012
* Programme Management
Different Types of programme
Programmes can be defined as a group of projects, or size and complexity of projects. Types of programme can be grouped into ‘Must do’ (Imposed on the Organisation), Vision led (Driven by organisation Strategy), Emergent (Emerge from a combination of other projects) Describe Key Concepts of Programme Management

Key concepts of Programme Management are Project Management, Change Management and Benefits Management. Programme Management brings all three of these together. Advantages and Disadvantages of Programme Management

* Advantages – Better Management of Uncertainty, focus on benefits, reduction of risks and better achievements of benefits * Disadvantage – Costs a lot of time and money, creates roles & responsibilities which aren’t necessarily normal to the company’s business. ADD DIAGRAM

* Requirements Management
Explain the Requirements Management Process
* The Requirements Management process is to capture requirements from sources, analyse and prioritise each of the requirements. * Sources can come from customer feedback or corporate goals strategy. * Stake holders will be consulted what the new requirements are that the project needs to fulfil. * All requirements must be analysed and understood with regards to priority and Value etc. * Requirements must be understood how each of them interrelate. * Requirement must be tested to understand whether the customer true needs have been established and feasible Explain different types of requirements

* Requirements may be expressed as benefits of a project, the functional performance of the end product or technical specs of component parts. * Projects must clearly differentiate the difference between stakeholders needs, so the benefits can be clearly understood. Relationship between requirements management and Project Lifecycle * Requirements management is used in the early part of the project lifecycle. * Once these requirements are agreed the project is baselined and change control takes over thereafter. ADD DIAGRAM

4. Procurement
Four Procurement Approaches
Strategic-High Likelyhood of Supplier Problem / High impact on Project Bottleneck-High Likelyhood / Low impact
Leverage -Low Likelyhood / High Impact
Non-Critical-Low Likelyhood / Low Impact
Explain the process of chosing a supplier
Research -> List / Find Suppliers -> Research Suppliers -> List Suppliers for ITT -> Evaluate Bids At Subsea7, we would require valves. Some research would be done to find the suppliers and List them. Once a comprehensive list has been produced, research of each supplier will commence, showing history and past experience. A new list of preferred suppliers will be created and then sent an ITT or invitation to Tender for the Valves. Bids would then be received in the prescribed duration and evaluated. ADD DIAGRAM

5. Risk Management
Explain the need for and process of Risk Management
* Projects through their uniqueness are risky, and therefore require a risk management process. * Small project can simply have an A4 sheet, with a list of risks and how to deal with them. * Longer Projects require the Process of Plan, Identify, Analyse, Respond, Monitor & Control. Methods of Identifying Risk – (BASIC PC)

The Main methods for identifying risks are ;
* Brainstorming (getting a team together to think of anything) * Assumption Analysis (Checking whether they are correct and don’t create any new risks) * SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities & Threats) * Interview (Getting Opinions)

* Cause and Effect Analysis
* Post Project Review
* Check List (Previous Projects)
Understand the Different approaches to analysing Risk
Two types of approaches to Risk;
* Qualitative Methods; are subjective and involve opinion for analysing risk * Quantative Methods; are numeric and statistical and give a numeric...
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