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  • Published: May 19, 2012
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CPIM(Certified In Production & Inventory Management)


1. Which of the following demand fulfillment approaches typically provides the longest delivery time ? A) Engineer-to-order. C) Assemble-to-order. B) Make-to-order. D) Make-to-stock.

2. Which of the following is generally a characteristic of a product-focused layout ? A) Large queues at workstations. C) Production to a work order. B) Fixed flow of work. D) General purpose workstations.

3. Which of the following is generally a function of the physical distribution system ? A) Production activity control. C) Packaging. B) Production planning. D) Bill of material.

4. Forecasts are typically more accurate for the near future than they are for the longer future. This occurs because A) The near term holds less uncertainty than the long term. B) More data is available in the near term. C) Aggregate data is easier to forecast. D) The future is more dynamic in the near term.

5. A forecast is typically more accurate for A) Groups of items rather than for individual items. B) Daily rather than monthly periods of time. C) Physical units rather than monetary units. D) Far out in the future rather than nearer time periods.

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6. An anticipated build schedule can be BEST described as A) Production plan. C) Materials requirements plan. B) Capacity plan. D) Master production schedule.

7. Which of the following is MOST likely to be a dependent demand item ? A) A manufactured subassembly. C) A service part. B) An item in a grocery store. D) An office supply item.

8. Which of the following manufactured product types are BEST suited for flow manufacturing ? A) Wide range of disparate products. B) Limited range of similar products. C) Low volume of similar products. D) High volume of disparate products.

9. The master production schedule is generally a direct input to A) Production planning. C) Purchasing planning B) Material requirements planning (MRP). D)...
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