Apes Vocabulary

Topics: Atom, Energy, Chemical bond Pages: 4 (1021 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Environment: a sum of all the conditions surrounding us that influence life Environmental Science: the field that looks at interactions among humans and nature System: a set of interacting components that influence one another by exchanging energy or materials Ecosystem: the living and non-living components of a particular place on earth Biotic: the living part of the Earth (animals, plants)

Abiotic: the non-living part of the Earth (soil, air, water) Environmentalist:any person who advocates or work to protect the air,water, animals, plants, and other natural resources from pollution or its effects Environmental Studies: environmental science, the study of interactions among human systems and those found in nature along with environmental policy, economics, literature and ethics Ecosystem Services: environments provide life supporting services such as clean water, timber, fisheries, and crops Environmental indicators: describe the current state of the environment Sustainability: living on Earth in a way that allows us to use its resources without depriving future generations of those resources Species: a group of organisms that is distinct from other groups in form, behavior or biochemical properties. Individuals in a species can breed and produce fertile offspring Speciation: The formation of new and distinct species in the course of evolution Background Extinction rate: standard rate of extinction in earth’s geological and biological history before humans became a primary contributor to extinctions Greenhouse Gases: gases in our planet’s atmosphere that act like a blanket, trapping heat near Earth's surface Anthropogenic: caused by human activities

Development: A specified state of growth or advancement
Sustainable development: development that balances current human well-being and economic advancement with resource management for the benefit of future generations Biophilia: love of life & natural world

Ecological footprint: The sum of an individual's or...
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