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Every individual has the desire to live in a peaceful manner and in a secured way. Apartment is one of the most profitable establishments here in Cebu City for the number of people came from provinces keeps on increasing. Living in an uncertain world, apartment’s owners want to maintain safety measures in their firms and occupants might as well want to be secured.

Encroachment is an issue nowadays. It is an act of illegal entry without any permission from the owners/occupants to a specified area. Furthermore, it often resulted to theft, burglary and intrusion.

To get rid of this issue, the group proposes this system which is to maintain the security of the apartments via biometrics. With this system, encroachment issue will be avoided for without the presence of the occupants, no one can enter the apartment.

Theoretical Background

According to Harbron (1988), one way of attaining security of a certain area is by means of biometrics. Jain et. al. (1999) identified that biometric system can operate verification and identification mode. It is very important to make our place secured in many aspects to prevent from encroachment issues.

According to statistics, more than 30% of the burglars have gained access into apartments, through an open door or window. (http://www.buzzle.com/articles/security-alarm-systems-for-apartments.html). Flordelis, Timothy Jake B. et. al. (2005) confirmed that there are problems that occupants and owners experienced these are theft, intrusion, and burglary, which considered being encroachment.

Lao, Excio Erving Jr. A. et. al. (2003) explained that by using home automation system, one can make several or all of the systems and devices in home work automatically to provide more security, safety, and convenience. It inspires the group to make this Apartment Security System via Biometrics that will enhance the existing one in securing the Apartments.

In Apartment Security System via Biometrics, all rooms should be networked to the server. According to Clark et. al. (1985), a network is a collection of processors and terminals that serves more than one user at a time by communication.

Biometrics Theory

Biometric identification technologies (the automatic recognition of individuals based on physical and/or behavioral characteristics) date back over 50 years to the earliest digital computers. Over the last two decades, biometric identification devices have become faster, cheaper, and more reliable, allowing for a variety of applications. This course looks at the history, theory, algorithms, applications, and standards of biometric recognition, including voice, iris, face, hand, and fingerprint identification. Test protocols, system design, and error rate prediction are discussed, along with the implications of the technology for personal privacy. 1. Abstract

One of the most critical issues to solve when building multi-accessible systems, such as computer applications, cars or physical buildings, is to determine the identity of a person. A system protecting confidential information, or items of value, puts strong security demands on the identification. Biometry provides us with a user-friendly method for this identification and is becoming a competitor for current identification mechanisms, especially for electronic transactions. However, there are ways to compromise a system based on biometric verification. This article focuses on the drawbacks and risks of biometric verification, specifically verification based on fingerprints. It shows how all currently available fingerprint scanners can be fooled by dummies that are created with very limited means and skills. This article should be read as a warning to those thinking of using new methods of identification without first examining the technical opportunities for compromising the identification mechanism and the associated legal consequences....
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