Ap World History, the World and Its People 3rd Edition

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Fascism Pages: 6 (1396 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Ch. 29
* Stalin was a military dictator whose radical ideas weakened Russia but industrialized it very fast and turned the people hard workers by oppressing them. * Stalin was highly paranoid and persecuted many of his top officials and supporters * People who moved to the cities, worked enthusiastically, and asked no questions could hope to rise into the upper ranks of the Communist Party *

Cultural and social
* Women entered careers and jobs previously closed to them * The booming economy of Russia looked very good compared to the lots of jobless westerners Environmental
* Hydroelectric dams turned rivers into strings of reservoirs, Roads, canals, and railroad tracks cut the landscape, Forests and grassland were turned into farmland Economic
* Stalin’s ambition was to turn the USSR into an industrial nation * the Communist Party and government created whole industries and cities from scratch, then trained millions of peasants to work in the new factories, mines, and offices * Collectivization meant consolidating small private farms into vast collectives and making the farmers work together in commonly owned fields, Stalin was the first to do it * The better off peasants’ revolted and destroyed their farms, this caused the government to encourage the worse off peasants to attack them * Stalin focused on industry and strengthening his nation while food and consumer goods were scarce

* Nationalists everywhere called for independence from the world economy * Many people in capitalist countries began calling for government intervention in the economy * Although the American, British, and French governments intervened in their economies, they remained democratic * as economic grievances worsened political resentments, radical leaders came to power and turned their nations into military machines * china was not affected as much by the depression because they used P90x, their problems were political * military officers seized power in several Latin American countries Environmental

* The New York stock market went into a dive. Within days stocks had lost half their value * What began as a stock-market crash soon turned into the deepest and most widespread depression in history * By mid-1932 the American economy had shrunk by half, and unemployment had risen to an unprecedented 25 percent of the work force * While global industrial production declined by 36 percent between 1929 and 1932, world trade dropped by 62 percent * The crash made new York banks call in their loans from European countries which did not allow them to pay their debts which caused the debt to spread to Europe * Small farms went out of business

* Half the German population lived in poverty
* As other prices dropped, gold became relatively more valuable

Social and cultural
* Women were laid off because men were the ones supporting the family and women work for pin money


* Benito Mussolini quickly became the leader of the Fascist Party, which glorified warfare and the Italian nation. When he threatened to attack Rome they gave him the prime minister position * The party took over the press, public education, and youth activities and gave employers control over their workers * Adolf hitler used his skill at talking to become the leader of the Nazis * Hitler’s goals were

1. Germany should incorporate all German-speaking areas, even those in neighboring countries 2. to repeal the humiliation and military restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles 3. eliminate all jews

* Instead of protesting Germanys violation of the treaty, Britain signed a naval agreement with Germany * Germany and Italy invaded local neighbors without consequence * he met with the leaders of France, Britain, and Italy, who gave him...
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