Ap World Geography Ch 11

Topics: China, Tang Dynasty, Han Dynasty Pages: 3 (633 words) Published: April 15, 2013
AP World History Ch. 11 Notes
* Han empire falls and its territories divided 220 C.E
* Warfare among territories causes development of small pox * Ge Hong, a Daoist interested in discovering elixir of life * Daoists made significant discoveries in metallurgy, pharmacology, and math * Tang empire ended in 907 C.E

Sui and Tang Empires
* Fall of Han allowed many different politic styles.
* Sui reunified China and reestablished Confucianism as central philosophy * But strong political of Buddhism too.
* New capital Chang’an
* Built 1,100 mile Grand Canal
* Speed and scale of military expansion and public works caused sui downfall. * In 618, Li family created Tang empire
* Tang expanded westward under emperor Li Shimin
* Elected local nobles, officials, gentry… etc
* Tang emperors, both influenced by Central Asian culture and Chinese traditions * Protecting spirits would aid the ruler in governing the state and protect them * Most important Buddhist school = Mahayana “Great Vehicle” * Permitted many gods

* Hub of communication= Chang’an
* Tributary system – practice where independent countries acknowledged the supremacy of the emperor based in China by sending regular embassies to the capital to pay tribute * Commoners had a curfew at 8 to 10 to decrease crimes

Fractured power in central Asia and China
* Creation and expansion of Uigurs and Tibet
* All three experienced political decay and military decline * In tang china, the effects were felt most strongly because of the impact of centralization and integration * Cities along the caravan routes had much to lose

* Elites began to distrust Buddhism and monasteries.
* Neo Confucianism predominated
* Elites believed that destruction of Buddhist influence would restore the values of hierarchy and social harmony * They thought that Buddhism was encouraging dissolution of family and gave women higher values,...
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