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Study Guide Chapter 20-Progressivism
Progressive Beliefs
Gilded Age| Progressivism|
Gospel of Wealth * Rich=good=heaven * Poor=bad=sinner=hell * Wealth= an outward sign of wealth * You are a failure if you don’t have wealthHuman Existence=Atomist * You are nothing but a don’t * Random, chaotic mess * Solitary existence| Social Gospel * Interconnectedness * Christian notion of love * Brotherly love, uplifting, “together” * Connected as peopleHuman Existence= Connection * People connected together * Pulling up and down * Make land clean * Reform to help neighbor= pro-reform| Social Darwinism * Survival of the fittest * Natural law reigns for government, social economic| Reform Darwinism * Because church attendance dropped off * Not living in nature so can’t use natural law * Protection of weak, not destruction * Justice, morality, charityAltruism= capable of committing selfless acts, only possible with humans=not in nature| Liberty of Contract * Prevent reform * Private business owner cannot be told what to do| Legal Pragmatism * Shift to reform * Balance=principle + common good * Principle=idealist , protect wildlife, right to bear arms * Common good=realist, electricity, people getting shot * Shift for between|

* Tended to be educated, middleclass, women
* Had downtime
* Idea that society being unfair
* Symbolizes what America could have been
Hull House
* Lead by Jane Addams
* Nature vs. nurture= nurture
* Based on immigrants=responsibility to teach them the new ways of life * Early community centers= Hull House(1st)
* Social gospel belief that it is OUR city
Rise of Professions
* Profession now= need degree, license
* Created special requirements to do a job
* Ex=AOA/Barr Association set standard
* Positive standard
* Protects the consumer
* Journalists that targeted big businesses
* Job of the media to watch for common good
* Realize that people of power will corrupt good
* Expose bad and corruption
* Ex. Jungle Claire
* Says Spanish/American war caused more death by disease than by bullets * Pure Food/Drug Act= regulates food
* Ida Claire=showed corruption of Rockefeller oil
Social Gospel
* Interconnectedness
* Christian notion of love
* Brotherly love, uplifting, together
* Pro-reform= help neighbor
* Caused by muckrakers moralistic tone= outrage of society and economic injustice and lead to religious reform * Religion with reform=moral component to redeem lives of even least favored people Salvation Army

* Salvation Army=Christian welfare organization
* Like a military, with officers
* Materials + service to urban poor
* Started by Father John Ryan left in parish to serve in troubled cities * Expanding scope of catholic, social welfare groups
* Rich man helps out poor man
* Belief of humanitarian evolution of social fabric
Woman+ Suffrage
* Right to vote 19th Amendment 1920
* 60s= reproductive rights +employment rights
Initiative + Referendum and Direct primers + recall
* Many progressives turned to state government for reform * Scorn on state legislature = incompetent, corrupt party bosses * Wanted to increase power of the electorate
* Initiative= reformers allowed to avoid state legislature by submitting new legislation directly to voters in general elections * Referendum= provided a method by which actions of the legislature could be returned to the electorate for approval. * Legislative action directly to people for approval

* 1928 20 states had
* Limit power of the party + improve quality of the officials * Direct primaries= attempt to take the selection of candidates away from bosses and give it to the people * People, not bosses choose candidates

* In south= an effort to limit black voting, to...
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