Ap Us History Chapter Seventeen Vocabulary Terms

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Chapter 17 Vocabulary
1.William Henry Harrison - "Old Tippecanoe", 9th President, "log cabins and hard cider" 2.Daniel Webster - Secretary of State, Whig, Only member of Tyler Cabinet to not resign, negotiating treaty with Britain over Maine's boundary 3.Henry Clay - The Whig candidate for president in the election of 1844 4.John Tyler (1841) - Leader elected vice president on the Whig ticket who spent most of his presidency in bitter fueds with his fellow Whigs 5.Canadian insurrection (1837) – a minority in canada wanted to revolt and americans who wanted to get back at the crown joined in 6.Caroline incident (1837) – a steam boat was crossing the niagra river in new york from america to canada and canada officials invaded america and blew up the ship 7.Webster-Ashburton Treaty (1842) – the canadian and and american dispute over the territory of maine and the hailfax – quebec route were established when lord ashburton agreed in washington to give america 1,000 out of 12,000 miles of maine while britain gets the halifax – quebec route 8.Texas Republic - Independent nation that was the object of British, Mexican, and French scheming in the early 1840s 9.James K. Polk (1844) - Dark-horse presidential winner in 1844 who effectively carried out ambitious expansionist campaign plans, called young hickory nickame due to his similar beliefs and birthplace as Andrew Jackson 10.Admission of Texas (1845) – it was approved by the majority of both houses of congress to invite texas as the 28th state 11.Oregon Country - Northwestern territory in dispute between Britain and the US, subject of "Manifest Destiny" rhetoric in 1844 12.Hudson‘s Bay Company – created by britain for profitable for trading in oregon with indians of the pacific northwest 13.Oregon Trail (1840s) - Two-thousand-mile-long path along which thousands of Americans journeyed to the Williamette valley in the 1840s 14.Manifest Destiny - The widespread American belief that God had ordained the...
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