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Topics: United States, Thomas Jefferson, Strict constructionism Pages: 5 (887 words) Published: January 3, 2013

Hamiltons Economic plan-
- believed in the torries
-lead to more support from
-assumption of all the debts of the states
-national bank/ excise tax

Results of the war of 1812
- Nationalism (anthem)
-New Respect from other nations
-Growth of Factories in the U.S
- It ended the Federalist party
-Threatened Succession

Missouri Compromise
-Main becomes free state/ Missouri becomes slave state
- Draw line at the 36th parallel (north of this line slavery would be prohibited) this was a temporary solution

XYZ affair
-France demanded a bribe from U.S in order to speak with the Minister -Federalists clamored for war

Debate over national bank-
-Jeffersonian’s and Democratic republicans opposed it because they were strict constructionists ( they followed the constitution very strictly) -Hamilton supported it because he was a loose constructionist - Washington used the elastic clause as a reason to approve the bank

Elastic clause
“ if it is necessary and proper for a government to carry out its delegated powers then it is allowed”

Washington’s Farewell Address
-Warned against political powers
-Warns against permanent alliance

Alien and Sedition acts
-Raised residency requirements from 4 years- 14 years
- made it a crime to speak out against government

Why were the acts passed? -The federalists wanted to reduce the power of the democratic republicans

What was the vice president under Washington? - John Adams
What was the vice president under Adams? - Thomas Jefferson What was the vice president under Jefferson? - Aarron Burr

Louisiana Purchase?
Was the Louisiana territory purchased from France for 15 million -Doubled the size of the united states
- as a strict constructionist Jefferson had reservations
- used the treaty making powers of a president to justify his decision

Causes of war of 1812
1) British impressment of sailors + seizing American ships -British were selling arms to Indians
- War Hawks wanted expansion and to take Canada

Battle of New Orleans
-Andrew Jackson leads Americans to victory and becomes war hero - 2 weeks after war of 1812 ended
-Restored the honor of the US
- Nationalism Increased

Clays American System
-wanted a protective tariff on imports
-wants revenue/ renew the national bank
- plans to spend money on roads, canals and infrastructure
GOAL: to boost national economy

Monroe Doctrine
-Declares an end to colonization in western hemisphere
- Promises that United Sates wont to interfere on European conflicts

McCulloch vs. Maryland
-Maryland was suing Marshall because he would let Maryland tax the national bank -Marshall ruled that the tax was not constitutional
-Also ruled that the bank was constitutional

-> National/ federal laws are higher then state laws and states cant interfere with national laws

Hartford Convention
-Where federalists met and discussed succession ( they opposed the war) -They demanded compensation since their economy relied on trade the war had hurt their economy

Marbury v.s Madison
- 1st judicial review is used, the supreme court determines weather or not a law is constitutional -judicial act (declared it unconstitutional )

Federalist polices
-wanted a strong national government
-wanted a loose interpretation of the constitution
- favor British and the wealthy/educated

Republican Policies
-wanted a strong state government
-wanted a strict interpretation of the government
-were Pro French
-supported farmers and common people

Assumption of debts
- In Hamilton’s economic plan all the debts of the states on the US were assumed and paid off

Rush Bagot Agreement
- happened in 1817 Monroe’s 1s t year in office
- the US and Great Britain agreed to limit naval ships on the great lakes -the first time that Great Britain

Pinckney’s Treaty
-established intentions of friendship between the United States and Spain. -...
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