Ap Stearns Chapter 27 Outline

Topics: Alexander II of Russia, 19th century, Industrial Revolution Pages: 10 (2239 words) Published: February 5, 2013
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Chapter 27: Russia and Japan: Industrialization Outside the West

I. Introduction
A. Russia and Japan defied the pattern of growing Western domination during the19th century 1. By 1914, both launched significant______________________ and accomplished other changes that preserved their ___________________ 2. Both achieved economic autonomy and were able to join in ___________________________ B. Differences between the two:

1. Japan displayed more _______________________ than Russia, while change in Russia increased internal strains and led to ___________________. 3. Japan, through its reforms, pulled away from ______________________; Russia continued expanding its influence in _________________________________________. C. Similarities between the two:

1. Both remained independent due to their prior experience of __________________, Japan from _________ and Russia from _________________________________________. 2. Both also had improved their ________________________ during the 17th and 18th centuries, a situation allowing the state to sponsor change. II. Russia’s Reforms and Industrial Advance

A. Russia Before Reform
1. The French Revolution and Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Russia produced a __________________________________________________________. 2. Conservatives supported the move toward ________________, arguing that Russia knew what was best to maintain its values and institutions, including the ____________________. a. Some intellectuals remained fascinated with Western developments in politics, science, and culture. 3. When Western-oriented army officers fomented the Decembrist revolt of 1825, Tsar Nicholas I ______________________________. 4. As a consequence, Russia escaped the __________________________________. b. Russia intervened in 1849 to help Austria put down revolution in Hungary 5. Russia continued its ___________________________________. c. Congress of Vienna confirmed Russia’s hold over _____________; Polish nationalist revolts during the 1830s were ___________________________. 6. Pressure on the _____________________ continued, and Russia supported dissidents in Greece and Serbia. B. Economic and Social Problems: The Peasant Question

7. In economic terms, Russia fell behind the West because it failed to ___________________. d. Landlords increased exports of ________ by tightening labor obligations on ______. e. In return for grain exports, Russia imported _________________________________ ____________________________________________________ f. There was no significant change in _______________________________________. g. Russia remained a profoundly ___________________________________________. 8. The significance of the failure to industrialize was demonstrated by the _______________ (1854-1856) h. Britain and France came to the support of the __________ and defeated the ____________ because of the advantage ___________________________________ __________________________________________________ i. Both sides lost _________________________ troops by the war’s end. 9. Tsar Alexander II was convinced that reforms were necessary, and that meant resolving the issue of __________________. j. Many individuals believed that a free labor force would produce _______________; others wished to end ____________ or to end periodic peasant risings. k. Reform was seen as a way to protect ______________________________, not to ______________________ C. The Reform Era and Early Industrialization

10. The serfs were emancipated in 1861; they received land but __________________________ ____________________________________________________ l. They were tied to their villages until they _________________________________. m. The...
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