Ap Midterm Study Guide

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, History of the United States Pages: 6 (786 words) Published: December 9, 2012
American History AP
Mid Term Study Guide-2012
Mr. Lester

I have provided you with a basic guideline to study from. Below is a list of units and sample topics from which you need to prepare from. The list is NOT all inclusive, it is a guideline. Also use old reading quizzes, tests, and links that I have placed on Moodle. You also might look in your AP review book and read through the outlines and look at some sample questions.

A.Columbus - Colonization
Columbian Exchange
St. Augustine
oVirginia Company
oJohn Smith
oJohn Rolfe
oHead Right System
oHouse of Burgesses
oIndentured Servants
oThe Great Migration
oMayflower Conflict
oPequot and King Philips Wars
oJohn Winthrop
oRoger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, Anti-nomianism
Rhode Island – Religious Sanctuary
Penn – The Quakers
Oglethorpe - Georgia

B.Colonial Wars and American Revolution
What was going on in Europe that led to more conflict between Fr and Br? •French and Indian War – Causes, Course, and Consequences oAlbany Plan of Union
oG. Washington
oFt. Duquesne and Ft Necessity
oWilliam Pitt
oAmherst and Wolfe
oTreaty of Paris 1763
End of Salutary Neglect
George III
George Grenville
Taxes that led to conflict (Stamp, Townshend, etc…)
Pontiac’s Rebellion and Proclamation Act
Sons of Liberty – Sam Adams
The first Conflicts – Massacre and Tea Party
Intolerable Acts
Continental Congress – 1st and 2nd
The American Revolution – Course and Consequences
Treaty of Paris 1783

C.The Beginning of America
The Articles of Confederation – Goods and Bads
oLand Ordinances
oUnanimous Voting
oShays Rebellion
The Constitution
oThe Convention
oThe Compromises
oThe Organization of the Government
oChecks and Balances
oElastic clause
oFederalists v Anti-Federalists
oFederalist Papers and Ratification

D.The Early American Republic
Presidency of Washington
1.Bank of the US
2.Financial solutions
oBill of Rights
oJudiciary Act 1789
oWhiskey Rebellion
oCitizen Genet
oJays treaty
oPinckney’s Treaty
oFarewell Address
Presidency of Adams
oXYZ Affair
oQuasi-French War
oAlien and Sedition Acts
oVirginia and Kentucky Resolutions
Presidency of Jefferson
oRevolution of 1800
oAaron Burr
oJudiciary Act 1801
oMidnight Judges
oMarbury v Madison
oJohn Marshall Court
oBarbary Wars
oLouisiana Purchase
oLouis and Clark Expedition
oEssex Junto
oHamilton and Burr Duel
oBurr Conspiracy
oEmbargo Act 1807

E.Madison – Jackson
Madison’s Presidency
oMacon’s Bill No.2
oWilliam H. Harrison – Tippecanoe
oCalhoun and Clay
oMr. Madison’s War
oFrancis Scott Key
oAndrew Jackson and Battle of New Orleans
oHartford Convention
oTreaty of Ghent
oRush-Bagot Agreement
oAdams-Onis Treaty
Monroe’s Presidency
oEra of Good Feeling
oPanic of 1819
oTallmadge Amendment
oMissouri Compromise
oKey Cases under Marshall
oMonroe Doctrine
Quincy Adams’ Presidency
oThe Corrupt Bargain
oThe American System
oTariff of Abominations
Jackson’s Presidency
oReign of King Mob
oSpoils System
oThe Rotation System
oJackson and the Veto
oPeggy Eaton Affair
oThe Kitchen Cabinet
oThe Tariff
oWar against the 2nd Bank of the US
oSouth Carolina and Nullification
oForce Bill
oPolicy against Native Americans
oThe Trail of Tears
oRise of the Two Party System (Whigs)
oThe Anti-Masonic Party

F.Manifest Destiny and Sectionalism
The Old South
oKing Cotton
oYeoman Farmer
oDavid Walker – The Appeal
oGabriel Prosser
oDenmark Vesey
oNat Turner
oWilliam Lloyd Garrison – The Liberator
oFredrick Douglass
oHarriet Tubman
oUncle Tom’s Cabin
2nd Great Awakening
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