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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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AP Human Geography Current Events

“Security at UAE border crossings reviewed”

The article relates to population and migration because recently, the UAE government has decided to slightly mitigate its border policies. These strict border policies, in the government’s opinion, have allowed for much economic growth, stability, and safety. The temporary travelers passing through the United Arab Emirates will undergo different processes for their journeys. The country, however, will continue to maintain its strict immigration policies in hopes of keeping it safe. The article is very memorable because it deals with an Arab nation that most Americans are less likely to know. Many a person has no idea that this economically booming nation has tight laws against immigration. It’s even more interesting that there used to be strict policies for just travelers. America may have some strict policies, but for the most part it does not, because the economy depends largely on tourism.

“Up to 335,000 people have fled Syria violence”

The article relates to population and migration as it talks about the refugees fleeing from Syria to Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Though these forced immigrants have registered with the United Nations, many more may exist. Approximately a third of the money donated to the United Nations by people around the world has been given to the Syria. However, this money does not aid the situation as much as the U.N. Would like. There has also been forced internal migration. Researchers have guessed that this number is around 1.2 million. As the violence increases, so will the number of refugees. I found this article interesting because it really enlightened me about the severity of the Syria crisis. I assumed that there were refugees, but I didn’t realize that that many were leaving their homes involuntarily. It also intrigued me that these refugees were fleeing to Middle Eastern countries. I had never heard about Middle Eastern refugees...
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