Ap Human Geo Chapter 8 Test Questions

Topics: European Union, Political geography, Geopolitics Pages: 7 (1394 words) Published: January 13, 2013
1.The promotion of the acquisition of wealth through plunder, colonization, and the protection of home industries and foreign markets during Europe’s rebirth was called mercantilism

2.What ultimately proved to be the undoing of monarchical absolutism and its system of patronage during Europe’s rebirth? growing economic power of merchants

3.Which is not characteristic of unitary state governments? Concerned with fostering diversity of regional cultural expression

4.Nigeria is a state with a federal system of government. This fact is reflected in the adoption of _________ law in the states of the Muslim North. Sharia

5.The movement of power from the central government regional governments is referred to as devolution

6.Which country has experienced violent devolution? Yugoslavia

7.In 1997 Scotland took a major devolutionary step with the establishment of the Scottish Parliament

8.In Italy, the Northern League’s desire for independence was based on the economic difference between the northern Po region and the southern Mezzogiorno. These differences are attributed to core-periphery processes

9.Distance, remoteness and marginal location enhance the potential for devolution. This form of devolution is referred to as Spatial

10.The rise of the modern state idea, where territory defined society rather than society defining territory, swept through Europe in the 1600s

11.When not all people within a state identify with the dominant sense of nationality, movements for separation of nation and territory may arise. For example the Basque in Spain.

12.Yugoslavia was a prime example of a Multi-state nation

13.Which is an example of a stateless-nation? Kurds

14.The European state idea spread throughout the world through colonialism

15.One of the most powerful impacts of colonialism was the construction of global order characterized by great differences in economic and political power

16.The highly uneven distribution of economic and political power that developed from colonialism was due to the concentration of wealth brought to Europe

17.Wallerstein’s views expressed in world systems theory hold that the global integrating force has been capitalism

18.The emergence of a global capitalistic economy began to develop about 1450

19.__________ is an example of a core country which was never a classical colonial power. Singapore

20.The boundaries of independent African states were drawn at the Berlin Conference and were essentially drawn arbitrarily

21.The process of adjustment of the number of representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives to reflect shifts in population patterns is known as reapportionment

22.A series of concrete pillars _________ the northern boundary of Kuwait with Iraq. demarcates

23.A boundary between countries is a vertical plane that cuts through the rocks below and the airspace above, dividing one state territory from another

24.The present number of countries and territories in the world is around 200.

25.In The Territorial Imperative, Robert Ardery argued that humans are concerned with collecting and securing territory

26.Robert Sack’s view of human territorial behavior implies an expression of control over space and time. This control is closely related to the concept of sovereignty

27.The Peace of Westphalia is the seminal moment in the emergence of the European state. This marked the end of the Thirty Years War

28.The boundary between the United States and Canada west of the Great Lakes is an example of a(n) geometric boundary

29.Which is an example of an allocational boundary dispute? dispute over rights to resources (e.g. oil, water) crossed by international boundaries

30.Geometric boundaries, totally unrelated to any aspects of the cultural or physical landscape, were made considerable use of by the colonial powers in Africa

31.The first political geographer who studied the state...
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