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Topics: T. S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Chimney Sweeper
Many little boys die from chimney sweeping, “Songs of Innocence” The Lamb
The lamb is a common metaphor for Jesus Christ, who is also called the "The Lamb of God" in John 1:29 London
The poem reflects Blake's extreme disillusionment with the suffering he saw in London The Garden of Love
"The Garden of Love" is written to express Blake's beliefs on the naturalness of sexuality and how organised religion, particularly the orthodox Christian church of Blake's time with their preaching and rules cause the repression of our natural desires. The Poison Tree

Shows how Blake believed that stifling anger would only cause the anger to grow Tyger
"The Tyger" presents a duality between aesthetic beauty and primal ferocity. The speaker wonders whether the hand that created "The Lamb" also created "The Tyger”.

The World Is Too Much With Us
Wordsworth criticizes the world of the First Industrial Revolution for being absorbed in materialism and distancing itself from nature.

The central theme of "Ozymandias" is the inevitable decline of all leaders, and of the empires they build, however mighty in their own time.

Ode On A Grecian Urn
Divided into five stanzas of ten lines each, the ode contains a narrator's discourse on a series of designs on a Grecian urn.

Ulysses describes, to an unspecified audience, his discontent and restlessness upon returning to his kingdom, Ithaca, after his far-ranging travels.

My Last Duchess
The Duke kills his wife and is courting another woman.

Dover Beach
Arnold begins with a naturalistic and detailed nightscape of the beach at Dover in which auditory imagery plays a significant role ("Listen! you hear the grating roar"). The beach, however, is bare, with only a hint of humanity in a light that "gleams and is gone". Reflecting the traditional notion that the poem was written during Arnold's honeymoon (see composition...
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