Ap English Language Practice Paragraphs

Topics: Advertising, Education, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: April 23, 2013
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Schools today are in dire need of funding. Government budgets cut far too much from allowances for the educational system, which in turn is unable to provide the highest quality service to young students looking to gain the skills necessary to be successful. As a result of this lack of appropriations, many have looked to other places to find money so that children may receive a better education. One of these places is from corporate donors who would award sums of money in exchange for special advertising space within schools. While some may argue that the corporate sponsorship and advertising in schools may be beneficial to the schools, it is ultimately an unhealthy and would for the most part negatively affect the minds of students who are there to be taught important skills and not be influenced by outside conglomerates Evidence one: Companies have advertised in schools I have attended, and said advertising has resulted in skewed opinions about company Evidence two: Companies with inherently bad messages or products may want to advertise, leading kids down a dangerous and unhealthy path Evidence three: School is meant to be a learning environment free of distractions from the outside world and advertising would be interruptive to constructive thinking (maybe insert paragraph arguing benefits of advertising, if not include it in other paragraphs) Conclusion: While more money is always good, the source of that money may end up causing more harm than good.

Lit analysis
uses nature-and-physical based metaphors along with references to outside figures and clear & concise diction to help the readers understand that research and pioneering is essential the field of science, and without those first few who take the time to create a rough path, knowledge could never evolve and be of use. Paragraph one: metaphors (rocks; paved roads) talk about how the metaphors are used to show what challenges are faced by pioneers in science Paragraph two: well...
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