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Topics: Antivirus software, AVG, Spyware Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Kendra Strodes
Seminar 6 Lab Pg 619, 19.1

When researching the internet I stumbled across free anti-virus software that I hadn’t heard of or ever used. I chose to compare this one, AVG Antivirus Free Edition with Avast, one that I currently use because I do know about Avast Anti-virus from using the free edition. Avast was recommended to me by a previous co-worker, also I just received my computer back from a repair shop who also recommended Avast. Not to mention, Avast has high ratings online as the best free edition of anti-virus programs.

AVG is a decent choice for a free antivirus. Although this venerable antivirus has had some shaky results in detection in the recent past, it now offers a high level of protection. This is probably due to the inclusion of a fully-fledged behavioral blocker that is the "Identity Protection" protection. This provides a very important additional layer of protection, on the other hand though a similar protection level can be achieved by using one of the free antiviruses above alongside a separate behavioral blocker. Unfortunately AVG free has grown considerably in size, has very slow scan speeds and also advertisements. I wouldn’t install this particular anti-virus on my system just die to the slow speeds and advertisement, however I do not use this program so I cannot say whether it is reputable or not.

Moving on, Avast Free Antivirus is my new top pick for the best free antivirus software in light of recent developments. Avast has steadily been improving its detection rates over the past few years and now ranks with the some of the best. Avast has the most features of all the free antivirus with full real-time capabilities including web, e-mail, IM, P2P and network shields, boot-time scanning, and a behavioral blocker. The new version 6 brings even more features including an internet site ratings plug-in, script malware protection and a limited (non-configurable) sandboxing feature. Although the sandbox is a very...
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