Antigone- Inaugural Address

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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(Antigone) a Theban Play by Sophocles – Creon’s Inaugural Speech

In Scene 1 of Antigone by Sophocles, Creon, who is now king, addresses the elders of Thebes. Read the speech carefully. Complete the “Close Reading Dialectical Journal” and “Argument Analysis” to annotate and analyze the speech as prewriting. Then write an essay in which you identify the purpose of Creon’s speech and analyze how he uses rhetorical strategies to achieve his purpose.

General hints:
▪ Use SOAP information to write your introduction.
▪ Your body paragraphs will analyze the speech from beginning to end using the following templates to help you form your ideas. Be sure to quote parts of the speech within your analysis. You may write the body as one paragraph. o Creon’s begins his speech … in order to … emphasizing .... o His real purpose for the speech appears later in the speech when he … which shows … o The last part of his speech focuses on … to …, which emphasizes … ▪ For your conclusion, evaluate how effectively he convinces his audience and whether or not you feel his argument is valid. (Do not, however, use first person.) ▪ Use questions and speech annotations to help you with ideas and commentary. ▪ When quoting from the speech, reference it by paragraph number. o Example: Creon uses the metaphor of a ship to explain his role of protecting Thebans from disloyal friends whose intent will be “wrecking [the] Ship” (par. 2). ▪ If referring to the appeals in your writing, refer to logos as logic, reason, or reasoning; refer to ethos as credibility or trust; refer to pathos as emotions or the specific feelings created.
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