Anthro 2a Lecture 2

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Lecture 2

Limitations – 2 limitations: scientific racism and social evolution

Scientific Racism
I)Intro to Scientific Racism
a.Thesis: social and cultural diff b/w human groups are expressions of fundamentally diff biological stocks (races) i.Skin color
Racist and prejudice statements are different
II)Race is an example of Typologizing
i.A universal human activity – gives humans types / categories to put things into ii.Applies in physical objects as well as human / animal behavior a.Typologizing is a universal activity
b.Racial categories
iii.Linneaus – 18th century; developed all the systems we use to classify groups 1.Classified humans into the “homo-sapiens” group
a.Four “variants”
i.Homo-sapiens Europeaus Albescens
ii.Homo-sapiens Asiaticus Fucus
iii.Homo-sapiens Africanu Negreus (black)
iv.Homo-sapiens Americanus Rubescens (red)
iv.Blumebach (1781)
a.Caucasian (white)
b.Mongolian (yellow)
c.Malay (brown)
d.Ethiopian (black)
e.American (red)
v.Hooton (1926)
1.The Big Three
a.Caucazoid –Europe, Northern Asia, India, Northern Africa b.Mongoloid - Eastern Asia (Japan, China, etc), pacific islands and Native Americans c.Negroid – Sub-saharian Africans
vi.Characteristics of Racial Types
1.Salient physical characteristics
2.Behavioral propensities
b.Value Leiden
African – lazy
Asian – melancholy / rigid
vii.Monogenesis vs. Polygenesis
a.Common origin of beginning for different people
a.Independent origins of human races
b.Own Adam & Eve
III)Racial Theories & Sociocultural Difference
a.Spreading different languages / methods of conceiving a family IV)Science, Race, & Culture
i.Provides categories – to think about the world
ii.Makes order out of chaos
iii.Organizes the thoughts, assumptions, opinions
iv.Provides beliefs that causes people to think about the world in a specific way v.A Priori – any...
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